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Ask Alabama

Emily, sophomore, here to answer questions from prospective UA students and share advice from current students. This is an utterly unofficial blog and is not recognized, endorsed, or sponsored by the University of Alabama. Personal blog: intothequantumfoam
Apr 18 '14


Justin shares his story of running for the office of SGA president as an openly gay candidate.

This blog has some really important stuff on it, y’all.

Apr 16 '14

Anonymous asked:

What are your favorite things about UA? I don't really like football, Greek life, or the thought of a huge college, so I'm very reluctantly attending UA. Help turn my attitude around?

Hey, you sound like me, anon. I don’t like football either, nor is Greek life my idea of fun. The huge college thing was really neither here nor there for me, though I have enjoyed the bigger opportunities that come with a larger population. (I’ve been able to visit the Space and Rocket Museum for free, met lots of cool people who visit campus, and become way more involved in my political party.)

I think my favorite thing about UA has been the people I’ve met here and the relationships I’ve formed with them. And that would sound like a really weird answer to high school Emily, who kind of couldn’t stand people. But UA’s larger student body means a much more diverse cast of characters, so I was able to find people who like the same things I do and who challenge me and build me up. It’s been an incredible experience so far.

Apr 13 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is it hard to join a sorority at Alabama if you aren't a legacy and don't have letters of recommendation?

I didn’t rush, so I have no idea. You can ask Ashlyn, though.

Apr 9 '14

cuntskywalker asked:

Hey I'm sorry for using your page to find roommates but I'm looking to stay in the Bryce Lawn apartments and I didn't apply early enough to pick for myself. Any freshmen still looking for a roommate that's staying there? Please message me :)

Not a problem! Y’all, message cuntskywalker if you’re interested.

Apr 6 '14


Spring has sprung at the University of Alabama!

Apr 1 '14
Crimson White, what are you doing.

Crimson White, what are you doing.

Mar 20 '14

Shelby quad is sooo pretty


Shelby quad is sooo pretty

Mar 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

You've probably been asked this 1000x, but what is the tuition rate for fall 2014?

Believe it or not, you’re actually the first! The tuition rates are found on this page. It looks like they’re still the rates for this year, but it’s a good estimate of what you’ll be looking at.

Mar 17 '14

Anonymous asked:

I feel like Bama is very greek centered and almost everyone is in a sorority or frat, is that really how it is? I'm commited to UA for next fall but I don't plan on rushing, it's just not my thing. Am I gonna be missing out on a lot? Like making friends and stuff..

About 30% of our students go Greek, so it’s not quite as many as it seems. And there are plenty of ways to make friends and get involved as an independent! We have tons of student organizations you can join, and there’s always some event being held by University Programs, the Honors College, etc. that you’re welcome to attend.

EDIT: Also, as sunbeargirl suggests, check out The Mallet Assembly. Good folks!

Mar 15 '14

Anonymous asked:

What is your favorite place on campus? I will be visiting next week and i want to see all the cool interesting places

Aaahhh how exciting! I hope you don’t mind if I give you more than one answer.

First, check out Palmer Lake between the Ridgecrest and Lakeside communities. It’s quite lovely, and if you go and sit on the dock, the ducks will probably swim up to say hello! Along similar lines, you mustn’t miss Marr’s Spring near the Ferguson Center. So so beautiful.

You will of course want to see the Quad, one of the most beautiful in the country (especially this time of year). While there, you’ll see the famous Denny Chimes and our main library, Gorgas. Also worth noting is the lovely new engineering quad, between Shelby and the SERC.

As far as buildings, some of my favorite classroom buildings are Smith (the natural history museum), Moody (the music building), and Moore (kinesiology? I think?). And check out the recreation center if that’s your thing - it’s rather impressive.

For a quick history lesson, you can drop by Foster Auditorium and Hood-Malone Plaza, where Governor Wallace’s famous Stand in the Schoolhouse Door took place.

And of course, you’ll have to visit the Ferguson Center and Plaza. Pick up a souvenir from the Supe Store, get a cup of coffee from the Starbucks (honestly this is probably my favorite place on campus), and check out this hub of student activity.

I hope you enjoy your visit! Let me know if you want to grab lunch or chat about anything at all. Roll tide!